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About Tees410 's Unisex Tees for $10 - $12

As our founder mentions in her bio atop the menu, unlike most new and online brands, as a newer brand with several brands; Tees410.com prides itself on 3 things:

  • Transparency
  • Humility


  • Not being too proud to design our unique, original, and s̷o̷r̷t̷a̷ couture designs on top of well-established/household name brand quality hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts.

Why? Because we humbly and strategically know "business"--and that you (the customer) could care less about how in love we are with our logos and designs. We, at Tees410, know that you first, care about quality and if not, more: price-price that is commensurate with brand recognition (before what we love and would prefer).

That said, we are not so arrogantly high off our logo, designs and the word “brand” that we are willing to not be transparent with our tee-loving customers whom we are selling too, circulating us, and getting familiar with our brand (with prices they feel are fair, first).

You: First. Not "ego."

We look at it like this: Tees are just a small percentage of our 500+ piece catalog and we do not own fabric and textile mills however, we do have relationships with high-quality brands that do own fabric-which is why we brought your here.

Although (as mentioned in her bio) our “tees” merch is a addition to our catalog because we love quirky, humorous, expressive word art and making art and provoking thought through word-wear. 

However, our brand name "Tees410" was strategically marketed to lead you to us in order to explore all else we have in store.

And for our tee lovers; know that we promise to be upfront in that when you buy our tees/t-shirts, hoodies/sweatshirts that are NOT pressed on our upper-echelon t-shirts brands like Alternative 1070’s Champion, Anvil, Next Level, Bella Canvas, and American Apparel, we will provide you with live demos of how the shirt rides your bodice.


Having said that, obviously, our designs printed on those upper echelon brands will be a bit costlier than “Tees for $10,” still, will insist on giving our $10 customers a rendition of the same designs that we get pressed on the upper echelon brand tees/t-shirts, hoodies/sweatshirts.

As we expand the catalog to offer our Tees for $10 customer renditions of our upper ech’s, we will also offer economy priced hoodies and sweatshirts (for under $40.00) of these renditions as well.

(And too, we will provide you a demo of those fit vids right here) as well).

So starting with our lowest prices tees/t-shirts ($10.95 unisex), tap in to get a live demo of the quality and live fit of all the tees/t-shirts on sale here at Tees410 for $10.95 - 11.95


NOTE: All fit-vid/live t-shirt demos throughout site are not in association with Tees410 brand.