Meet Tees410 's Founder & Designer

There’s really no profound or deep reason behind why, or how Tees410.com was founded-other than the fact that in 2015, under the name of “ArtBuyAngie,” and S.T.A.R (She Tells And Retails) I got addicted to making products and t-shirt designs for sale to my millions of visitors of a popular blog that I started in 2015.

Fast forward.

Tees410 was an idea founded with the intent of doing my best to sell t-shirts within the $10.00 price range, while too, making sure I kept my ongoing relationship with my customers with “expensive t-shirt taste”–nonetheless, both, still interested in “unique, original and ̷s̷o̷r̷t̷a̷ couture”:

  • tees / t-shirts +
  • hoodies / sweatshirts
  • caps/hats
  • bags (travel / carry-on / duffles / handbags / pouches / makeup bags)
  • athleisure
  • jackets/kimonos
  • shoes/boots
  • art/stationary/décor (for your shop, salon, business, home, or office)

No different than a social media meme, while I adore the concept of designing countless unique, original and ̷s̷o̷r̷t̷a̷ couture styles of subjectively expressive words on tees; my love for art and design won’t allow me to just stick to being be brand-cast as just another online t-shirt store or an online store filled with nothing that I created--just handpicked stuff I merely marked up and sold.


So having made myself clear on that, allow me to re-introduce myself.

My name is (still) Angie.

Yes, I (still) love creating (affordable/$10 range) and high-end quality tees, but (until I am the owner of my own fabrics and able to bring couture sketched designs to life) I conceptualize and design actual print designs on other brand-name products/textiles/fabrics.

I'm humble. And I'm not so in to 'putting on' for social media and in love with romancing my "brand" and logo that I'm too above designing (my tees over that $10 range) on top of the line American Apparel, Next Level, Anvil, Champion or the rock star of t-shirts: Alternative 1070's. 

I own no fabrics and textiles yet, so quality brands like such are welcomed "canvasses" for me to create on top of. That way, my customers KNOW the quality they are getting at the foundation of my creating unique, original and ̷s̷o̷r̷t̷a̷ couture styles and designs.

So yes, at Tees410.com you are getting reasonably-priced clothing from a store that lives up to my slogan: “unique, original and ̷s̷o̷r̷t̷a̷ couture”

Get familiar with just a few of my eye-catching unique, original, sorta couture lines:


Another welcome addition to what I do here is collabs.

I collab (with, and on top of other artists/designers)--by taking their originals to another level and designing and expanding their original and giving it my own "artistic flair" (like such). Additionally, I provide a link to that other creator-for my customers to support them on their on sites, stores and whatever else they do as well. (I prefer to collab with and on other artists and designers who have e-commerce and platforms by which I can turn around and run traffic to them. I spread love and firmly believe in rapport, shared resources and reciprocity.

I come from the school of paying dues--where you don't just pop-up and decide you are who you want to be because the Mark (Facebook) and Jack (Twitter) developed a platform for to enable you to say who you are without the footprint and receipts to prove it. I was who I am, and was doing what I do long before Twitter and Facebook started. Everything I design or conceptualize here at Tees410 might be an e-commerce site to you, but for me, it's my design and art portfolio-one that serves as a segue to introducing you to my abstract art and style designs-all for the greater, later.

At any rate, having explained all that-now you know. Now you know I am more than just some "online boutique and product mule" or some "online tee shirt store" (hence, why I intentionally and meticulously slid the section to the very bottom upon opening Tees410.com). It's creative advertising and marketing strategy. As an unknown artist and designer, I lead you in with "Tees for $10". It's a must that I leave you knowing that Tees410 is not just about "tees"). As one artist sang it, I'm saying it: "I'm an artist. And I sensitive about my sh*t."

I'm far above the social media/online tee-war triteness and these wildly imaged competitions online tee sellers think they are having with me. I'm not apart of all that, and this aint that. My entire brands and the Tees410 concept and operation is on a totally separate strategy and level of planning and understanding of this here, thing. 

You introduce people and what you want them to know (or buy) by first, offering them something they might want.

I went to college, studied philosophy, psychology and journalism. 

I have several popular, successful blogs because I'm a writer.

I introduced my books to my blog readers through my blogs.

I am an abstract artist and too, I love to design. I work to get you familiar with my art and designs through merchandise as, I looking forward to my art being as in demand as Andi Warhol. I look forward to expanding my lines and catalog-being out, in stores and (known) up there with the likes of notable fashion faves such as Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Louis Vuitton, Isaac Mizrahi, Zac Posen, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

I'd love to collab and work with a major someday as, I am worthy.

In the meantime and in between time-I thank you for stopping by, and shopping with me.

Spread the word :)