Make Your Thought a "RealiTee"

It's like we said [the song says] here: "You don't have to be a To be in my show..." And you don't!

You still get red carpet treatment!

Have you ever said (or thought) something and pondered" Dang...that would make a good tee." But when you call to make an attempt to get that ONE tee done, you're met with: " have to buy 'em in bulk, sorry." 

Well Tees410 can make your thought a one-tee reality)!

  • Simply drop us an email to: 

In the body of your email:

  • type the words you want to see come to life on a Tee! 
  • include your name and/or @handle (attached to an active/public social media profile)


Tees410 will:

  1. Produce (make) that tee
  2. List it in its own " #RealiTees410 " collection on the front page at (as a collaborator with Like such, your product listing will contain any and all details about you (that you wish to disclose with your social media/website info that you submit with your quote for tee)
  3. ⚠ (Then after you purchase that tee-which, we will automatically know, of course): in plain view, we will put in the product description details-who authored that tee: YOU!-your website and/or social media @handle
  4. Next, Tees410 will reply back to you with your own link to your thought turned reality. Reiterate: Please do not forget to include that (1) social media handle and/or (1)website so that we can include that/those links to you on your tee product/sale listing! (two-link max). To reiterate, yes. You MUST have a website and/or public and active social media profile 
  5. BONUS: Proud of your words on a tee that (unlike a social media post) won't descend into oblivion? Consider this: Your words and name are on the shirt. You will be given your own link to your listing at Tell your thoughts on that tee to your friends, social media friends and whomever-by giving them your link to it!


  • (a) Please:  do not email any "special instructions" or "special requests" regarding preferred font for the tee (why? because-even for our own tees that we sell-we match, design or purchase fonts to match the personality of the actual words on the tee-so that could vary) *Don't worry. They're your words, but they are a reflection of Just like our collections and catalog, we will make your words on a shirt AWESOME!
  • (b) Please: do not upload any attachments/logos/graphics (those emails sent to us will not even be opened)
  • (c) Please: no famous quotes or derivatives/renditions of any (as per this fine print, your sending us an email+social media handle is our confirmation that you have not submitted a famous quote/quote that does not belong to you) REMEMBER: Your @handle/name will be branded beneath the quote!



  • (d) Should anybody like and want to purchase [your words produced, set up and put on our tee] no, you do not get any compensation/special discounts for the sale of the tee (see 2,3, 4 , 5 above for your benefit in this). The goal in this is to promote you-not to make money off you (by selling the tee only to you and whomever YOU send to buy it). Your @ info is on the tee anyways-so, what you do with that free advertising of being listed as a Tees410xYOURNAMEHERE collaborator is up to you. Never forget this.
  • (e) If you got a RealiTees410 shirt done (whether 1 or 100x) it gets listed! RealiTees410 participants get listed as collaborators-front/home page viewable (see #2 above)
  • (f) yes-you can purchase one or however many you wish to + tell your friends to, too-at any time 24/7/365 (see #5 above)
  • (g) reserves the right to reject your RealiTees410 entry (e.g. if the quote is just way too long, flat out not yours, or surpasses the threshold and scope of our limits of provocative, profanity, vulgarity) 
  • (h) reserves the right to set a (reasonable) price. We set the price at least $9.00 and no more than $19. As well (depending on length of quote+ font) we set your tee up for male tees, female tees and by default: unisex tees.

These are your tee choices and color options TAP HERE for a birds eye view of the 4 styles your shirts will be printed on


    Mens Crew Tee
    Womens Tee 
    Womens Boyfriend Tee

    Unisex V-Neck Tees 





    $0.00! Aside from your merely making up your own quote to go on the tee+ purchasing at least 1 [of that tee], none of the setup or listing costs you! Your name+ your quote is on that shirt. At your leisure/by your choosing-promote it! Post it!


    Our appreciation and love for persons who patronize our business has no limit. So sure, you can send 10 quotes for 10 tees and purchase 1 [of each] of those 10 tees-we're okay with that. 

    We spread love and appreciate our customers and clients!