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Tees410's "B.G.M" & "Black Supreme-a-Sis" Streetwear Purchase Order Info

Whether you were queried or curious and clicked [in], thanks for stopping by!

We've been hard at work on a street leak, getting our:

...collections out via other merchants.

 For the proud, ennobled black girl in you: " BLACK SUPREME A SIS " Structured Twill Cap

Like I said before, "You don't have to be a star...baby. To be in my show."

Don't be shy. 💡 Did you know, we've got items from these both two collections on display everywhere from street table vendors to small merchant stores, behind gas station counters and neighborhood beauty supply sellers? Yes!

Large or small merchant or vendor, yes!

For this one-time, two-collection street-leak; we do allow other brick and mortar stores and vendors (large, small or independent) to stock or hang our B.G.M and Black Supreme a Sis streetwear collections as, we are hard at work working on a PLETHORA of styles-up to and including joggers, jackets, caps and more!

For your street vending table or store-stocking pleasure, we offer discounted prices for purchase orders for your brick and mortar establishment / store / vending location for your own markup and sell.

So stay tuned!

Bookmark and keep it locked on that B.G.M streetwear and Black Supreme a Sis links.

At your leisure, simply tap that yellow button below to send us your inquiry and we will get right back in touch with you regarding a purchase order!