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"We Use Cookies to Improve Our Performance" Scented Meme Desk Candle

"We Use Cookies to Improve Our Performance" Scented Meme Desk Candle

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Awesome conversation piece for your home or office!


  • Light, subtle scent (no burning eyes)
  • Non-overpowering fragrance (subtle enough for office/around others)
  • Unique, decorative, humorous, non-offensive conversation piece for your office
  • Long-lasting
  • Size:  4oz (113.4g) glass with shiny black lid
  • *lead-free wick


"Tiny humans stole my sanity" (lavender colored label)

SCENT: Lavender & Driftwood


"Dear autocorrect. I'm getting tired of your shirt."  (brown label)

SCENT: Cozy Bergamot (gentle, subtle fragrance)


"I'm not anti-social, I'm socially selective." (blue label)

SCENT: Seawater (clean)


"I love my fur babies more than people" (mid-green label)

SCENT: Citrus (gentle/not sharp)


"[WEBSITE] We use cookies to improve our performance. [ME]: Same" (black label)

SCENT: Sugar cookie (gently sweet/soft) 


"On the surface: Cool as a cucumber. On the inside: Squirrel in traffic." (pea green label)

SCENT: Cucumber & Melon (gently sweet/soft)


"A balanced diet is ice cream in each hand"(pink label)

SCENT: Ice cream & sprinkles (candy-scented, gently sweet/soft)

"Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles"(yellow label)

SCENT: Chocolate cupcakes (cake-scented, gently sweet/soft)